I’ve always been intrigued by magic, this cool card trick would be pretty awesome for the kids! Give it a try, and help them amaze their friends!

Check out this fun card trick ~ you can cut a hole in a single playing card that's big enough for a kid to fit through! by bernadette

Three Awesome Card Tricks for Kids - Great activity for older kids and tweens/teens.  My boys love performing card tricks on each other!

Three Awesome Card Tricks for Kids

8 Fundamental Sleight of Hand Tricks Every Beginner Should Master: The One-Hand Cut for Card Magic Tricks

8 Fundamental Sleight of Hand Tricks Every Beginner Should Master

A flashy card move that will augment your card magic tricks, the one-handed cut allows you to hold a deck in one hand, break it apart into two halves and exchange their positions. The one-handed cut is also known as the Charlier cut.

The core sleight of hand for card magic tricks

Magic Card Tricks - The Core Skills, Moves and Sleights

The core skills, moves, and sleight of hand used by magicians for card magic tricks. Advice for magicians.

Card Magic Trick for Kids: Simple Monte 2

16 Cool Card Tricks for Beginners and Kids

Here's a great card magic trick that is easy to make and perform and it's great for kids. It's actually something of a baffler that leaves spectators scratching their heads. You'll undoubtedly have fun with this one.