How to make a simple cardboard box boat craft - junk model boat

Be a sailor : make a boat!

We still love love love our easy Pirate Ship made from a cardboard box. And love how we have seen many "cardboard Pirate Ships" pop up over the internet since. Wonderful to see the fleet coming together! Here is our oringal idea in the making.. showing you how easy it is to create!

How to... Make a DIY Pirate Ship

How to Make a Pirate Party Photo Booth | Party Delights Blog

Make Your Own Pirate Party Photo Booth

I had a lightbulb moment two nights ago – halved toilet rolls make great sails for DIY cardboard boats and rafts…. and balloon sticks make perfect masts :)  I used a RedTedArt pattern for the hull.

toilet roll sails

Ahoy and shiver me timbers! Are you celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day tomorrow? This pin has ideas for making pirate boats, maps and treasure chests.

Be a sailor : make a boat!

Make fishing boats out of cardboard boxes, lay down a blue tarp to make it look like water, use a sand bucket to put the fish in and use those play fishing poles with fish that you get in any toy section at any large super store

Voor in de gang?



DIY: Castle Story Box

STICK RAFT BUILDING STEM PROJECT. Can you build a raft that really floats? How much weight can your stick raft carry? Can your raft cope in a real stream? This STEM challenge is great fun for kids and a super way to get them stretching and developing their skills and engaging with Nature.

Stick Raft Building STEM Project

DIY Cardboard Pirate Ship - a simple process to turn a cardboard box into a fun Pirate Ship to play with. How we love a cute Pirate DIY!

How to... Make a DIY Pirate Ship

Tips for cardboard boat building. For a cardboard box boat regatta (via ruby slipper adventures)

Cardboard Boat Building

It certainly looked like we had a project cut out for the afternoon – a cardboard box dinosaur. Description from I searched for this on

DIY Cardboard Box Dinosaur

Mr.Catton's Grade 7/8 Blog: Cardboard Boat Races

How to Build a Cardboard Boat - we're going to adapt this for an Olympic themed fancy dress costume - Coxless Pairs!

Hanging aquarium craft for kids (made from a cardboard box)

Hanging aquarium craft for kids (made from a cardboard box) this would look even better with a seaweed y background and perhaps even some boats on top

cardboard box boat

Cool cardboard box crafts for kids

Save your cardboard boxes and turn them into this EASY TO MAKE Pirate Ship. It is so fun to combine "store bought toys" with homemade elements. And our Pirate Boat has been a great hit over the years! My kids now believe i can make ANYTHING :-) from box to simple pirate ship. Harrrharr.

How to... Make a DIY Pirate Ship