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better basics: upholstered headboards

She Said...: $30 DIY headboard

DIY headboard - Low on funds? Need a headboard for that guest bedroom or even your own? This is an inexpensive DIY headboard that can be updated as soon as you change decor (or change your mind), without feeling guilty. So easy!

Part 1: DIY Headboard - Using Cardboard Instead of Wood | Lady Ford's Blog About Everything!

I'm super excited about this project. It worked out so well and I took tons of pictures along the way. Part 1 includes a.

easy and professional looking upholstery edges with cardboard tack strips and individual brass nails

Easy & Professional Looking Upholstery Edges with Cardboard Tack Strips. Also includes a DIY tutorial on how to make a stunning aqua blue velvet headboard with brass nail heads. From Cuckoo 4 Design.

DIY apartment wall decoration. Use tape to create a simple design on your focal point wall.

Use colored tape to create simple yet striking (not to mention cost-effective) wall art. - the rest of the ideas on here are poop

Make a cornice out of cardboard and attach it to a curtain rod to hand it.

Custom Cornice for Less Than $30

Make a cornice out of cardboard and attach it to a curtain rod to hand it. Maybe do a tufted one to match headboard

Gates crafted with cardbord boxes then installed in specific alley ways, Toronto.

Creative Cardboard Furniture Designs- wow my mom has been looking for a scrolled iron door -- this would be so easy to make, and then place a regular door frame around it -- easy and cheap!