It would not be surprising if Catwoman, Nightwing and Robin received some Challenge Map packs like Batman: Arkham City, or perhaps they will get some play time in a DLC release. Description from I searched for this on

Batman: Arkham Knight, Quatre personnages confirmés

'Arkham Knight' Catwoman - Leo Vitalis & Harrison Vinfaowei

'Arkham Knight' Catwoman - Leo Vitalis & Harrison Vinfaowei Side note: why is she so ugly in injustice? Like Harley's all cute but Selina looks horrid

Meow!  >^..^<   Catwoman- Arkham City Collectible Figure

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to introduce, from Square Enix, the Catwoman: Arkham City Play Arts Kai collectible figure. From the video game Batman: Arkham Ci

Simply Superheroes - Batman Catwoman Arkham City Fathead

Get this now-famous Batman and Catwoman image on a Fathead. It's from the best-selling video game Batman: Arkham City and the way they're positioned and how their tied together symbolizes their love/h

Arkham Asylum, Ivy would still be green but other than that these are amazing

Arkham Asylum