Female Celtic Warriors Celtic warrior kriegerinnen

HAHAHA this is a skyrim character but the caption. Evangeline in battle ~ This is perfect. An interesting idea for a Christian warrior . I hadn't thought about war paint, hmmm.

Celtic warrior with sword and shield. King Somhairle by ~JohnMcCambridge on deviantART

m Barbarian Human male ginger orange hair barbarian shield sword kilt highlands Highlander Scottish celtic

Wild | The North Realm

Wild | The North Realm

Celtic warrior, 6th century BC- 2nd century BC. A good representation of a free Celtic warrior throughout the Iron Age.

Celtic warrior, century BC- century BC Austria "Classic" Celt look. The Celt may have a mustache like this.

I like the Celtic look, and warriors, messy braided hair, and feathers.

A Pict woman.the warriors of this tribe painted their bodies with blue designs,for this reason the Romans called them Picts, "the painted people".

Celtic Warrior Women | Women’s History Month: Boudica; the Celtic Warrior Queen

Boudicca (Civ5)

This is the concept art for Boudicca for Civ V, right? Add a little bit more armour, and it's Ash character

Celtic Warrior Queen Boadicea - one of the most amazing women in history. (played by Alex Kingston)

How Boudicca Led a Celtic Revolt Against Roman Occupation

Celtic Warrior Queen Boadicea - one of the most amazing women in history. (played by Alex Kingston - is she above Pandorica, is that Stonehenge?

CHARACTER INSPIRATION: Girl, red hair, brown eyes.                              …

Reminds me of Jade. senyahearts: Stina Olsson in “Naturbarn” for Elle Sweden, November 2014 Photographed by: Eric Josjo

ADF Path of the Druidess Spider - Druid Journal

So the Goddess Morrigan is misunderstood, since she is a dark goddess, and after last night's Ful