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Ceramic face vase ceramic table art Handmade unique piece made in our small and family studio using traditional processes and committed to the environment.

Contemporary Indigenous Australian Ceramics & Mixed Media Artwork by Penny Evans Penny Evans is a visual artist based in Lismore, NSW. She creates contemporary ceramics and mixed media art.

Slip decoration has been a favorite surface decoration method for many years and, over time, gravity, began to play a large role in the way I

Today, I am going to share a ceramic decorating technique that was adapted from another artistic process: screen-printing textiles. Printing onto clay is not a new technique. A browse through the Pottery Making Illustrated back issues or the Ceramic Arts

Not your average type of ceramic art! Fenella Elms - Edges - Very fine ribbons of mostly porcelain clay delicately aligned and joined with slip to create intricate structures -built onto an under-sheet of porcelain - fired together.

juliette clovis (The Jealous Curator)

Oh, mon Dieu! This is the porcelain work of French artist Juliette Clovis. Butterflies, flowers, and spiky growths! Here is part of her statement about this body {pun totally intended} of work: “… [Ju

Looking like some irresistible cross between swirling windblown feathers and soft soft scales, these works of art by Fenella Elms are sure to have your fingers twitching for a feel. Tumblers based on Texture

Line Cup Kijama Tomoe Kyoto City Born in Kyoto City Bronze Art Crafts High School Graduated from Ceramics Major Kurashiki University of the Arts graduated from Ceramic Art University × H

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Vortex Vessel by Jennifer McCurdy "I use a translucent porcelain body because it has a beautiful surface, and it conveys the qualities of light and shadow that I wish to express.

A Ceramic Coffee Mug Covered in Crystals Isn't Something I Thought I Needed, Until Now

karen millar (The Jealous Curator)

Delicate yet strong. This is the “Pod Series” by Australian ceramicist Karen Millar. She explores “the relationship between growth and decay, loss and hope, soft and hard, vulnerable and defensive, li