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Clay:shop at Hey Rooster | Design*Sponge

Thrilled to announce our feature on Design Sponge yesterday as a part of CLAY:SHOP, a contemporary ceramics collection held at Hey Rooster General Store in Nashville. I am honored to be on that wall.

Tina Vlassopulos - Hand Built Ceramics - Shop

Perfect for a hot tea :) Tina Vlassopulos - Hand Built Ceramics - Shop

Neat moveable kitchen shelves? I tend to get bored and like to move my things around a lot, but I also like to see my things on display.

The Ceramic Factory

gorgeous way of displaying ceramic work - Range of white ceramics {Shop Tour}

✯» Taxidermy #2 big deer #antlers 63cm, 61 cm  2500 g with skull 100% natural #nr 8 http://ebay.to/2eYx0HT

Taxidermy 2 big deer antlers 61 cm 2500 g with skull natural nr 8

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Cement Ceramics by Studio Twocan. Photo – Elise Wilken, styling – Nat Turnbull for The Design Files. (Note: can cement mix, if mixed properly, be thrown on a pottery wheel?

♤Δ Taxidermy 2 big deer antlers 62cm, #60 cm  with skull 100% #natural #nr 1 http://ebay.to/2gi0kHj

Taxidermy 2 big deer antlers 60 cm with skull 100 natural nr 1

Tina Vlassopulos - Hand Built Ceramics - Shop

Tina Vlassopulos - Purchase echo and one off range of ceramics from the online shop.

Susan Disley: 3 Pinched and coiled jugs.

susan disley - stoneware - pinched + coiled jugs, two tones glazes, unique spout shape and size

Ceramic Animal Wall Vases

POSS OPENER PIC ceramic animal wall vases Graham and Green (this is low res - high res is available if needed)

This marbled ceramic cup is sized to fit in the hand comfortably and hold just the right amount of your preferred morning brew. Hand thrown from a mixture of dark and light stoneware clays giving each piece its own unique and strikingly beautiful landscape.

Ritual Ceramic Cup