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Chakras tattoos chakras back tattoo _ I would do this with a series of triskele . by proteamundi

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Chakra tattoo More - I want to adapt this to a sun & moon design bisected by Babayin symbols.

These decorative designs could lead to potential solutions for the spacecraft brief as they are eye catching and relatable to print work which is sold within the shop.

Yogi's Journal

Love this as a vertical spine tattoo. The 7 Chakras - from bottom to top: feeling grounded [red] acceptance of change and others [orange] confidence [yellow] love [green] communication [blue] wise decision making [indigo] spirituality [pink]

I want this because my mom hates tattoos and still doesn't believe that I'm not straight

I know this is a gay pride tattoo, but it could be a great minimalist chakra tattoo. (Maybe down the chest or back vertically) ♥

Would love the crown (the seventh chakra) behing my ear or on the back of my neck.

Chakra Tattoo by ~Shanna-the-Freak on deviantART As a sleeve tattoo + flower detail.

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These chakra symbols would be really cool to get tattooed on my right forarm (have to get them after I travel to India and spend a month in an Ashram doing yoga)