Henry Cavill...  He played the Duke of Suffolk on The Tudors.  He's such a hunky monkey...  and he'll be the new Superman.

fuckyeahcavill: “ Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon in ‘The Tudors’. Well, he’s basically the REASON why I watch ‘The Tudors’. ” I’ve just started watching The Tudors, he’s already the highlight of each episode ^_^ “”

Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk - Henry Cavill in The Tudors Season 4.

Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, Jonathan Rhys Meyers as King Henry VIII, Max Brown and other stars in "The Tudors" series.

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Picture: Henry Cavill on Showtime's 'The Tudors.' Pic is in a photo gallery for Henry Cavill featuring 63 pictures.

Charles Brandon's (1st Duke of Suffolk) tomb at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. He was buried there at King Henry VIII's expense. (1484-1545)

Monument to Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. He became the brother-in-law to Henry VIII when he married Henry's sister Mary, the Dowager Queen of France.

Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon, Widowed Queen of France and the Duke of Suffolk. Artist unknown, date unknown. (collection of the Earl of Yarborough). Image to celebrate the wedding of the two. They were married in 1515.

Mary Tudor Queen of France, sister of Henry VIII married Louis XII. She later married Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk.

Super cool!  Charles Brandon played by; HenryCavill The Tudors and HBO series. Tutor era costumes

of Fenswick and probably in n'ern. Glantri (w/fur cloak); in Norwold (Alpha). [Henry Cavill on "The Tudors" season 3 promo shots]

Duke Of Suffolk, Charles brandon - kings-and-queens Photo

of Suffolk (Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk) by Richard Burchett (circle of). Date painted: Oil on panel, x cm Collection: Parliamentary Art Collection

#HenryCavill Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon in The Tudors on HBO.

Henry Cavill - Charles Brandon - I found out that Catherine has that nasty woman's disease!

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Charles Brandon

Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon in "The Tudors" outstanding performance!

Secret Marriage: Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon - Tudors Dynasty

Secret Marriage: Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon - Tudors Dynasty