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Will you give me money for the protons? I mean, they are the opposite charge to the electrons.

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Funny pictures about Science Cat Is Right And You Know It. Oh, and cool pics about Science Cat Is Right And You Know It. Also, Science Cat Is Right And You Know It photos.

She was in chemistry class when her water broke.

Type of Pun:homographic Water: the amniotic fluid surrounding a fetus in the womb , especially as discharged in a flow shortly before birth Water: a transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid, a compound of hydrogen and oxygen

But wait, hydrogen always exist in pair. So technically even a family-less hydrogen isn't alone. Neither are any of us.

Chemistry Cat ~ When the hydrogen got arrested, the police told him he could make a call. But then he replied: "Call who?

When I first learned Avagadro's number I accidentally called it Vadcas number and my friends kinda, just, stuck with it.

For a potluck in chem, my friend brought in guac that said Avagadro's Guacamole

It's supposed to be MgO, but it's still funny - lol:) posting for that comment:)

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