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Maggie Cross introduces Chinese brush painting techniques to paint The Four Gentlemen - plum blossom, bamboo, orchid and chrysanthemum.

A Steampunked Skull Brushholder... Chinese Style ...being sold on Etsy - no!! I will not go and see the price !!!

Searching for the perfect steampunk skull items? Shop at Etsy to find unique and handmade steampunk skull related items directly from our sellers.

Use a mix of patterns in soft girl shades on distressed furniture to create the perfect shabby chic look. Perfect for kitchens and dining rooms.

Decorating with Pastels

Emma Bridgewater Pottery - Our pink patterns are a bit like the flowers in a proper country garden – they look just right together, but in a nice, unplanned sort of way.

Bowerbird Home Hong Kong. Beautifully Crafted Furniture and Homewares

"Bowerbird Home Hong Kong. Beautifully Crafted Furniture and Homewares" - blue and white

Pottery at Emma Bridgewater | So pretty, definitely would love to have a display like this in my house in future! Would look magnificent in a converted barn.

Pottery at Emma Bridgewater - I only have a few Pink pieces. Might have to add to my collection

Artist Lei Xue skillfully sculpts and paints porcelain sculptures that look like smashed cans with traditional patterns.

Smashed Cans Sculpted in the Traditional Style of Ming Dynasty Porcelain

Chinese artist Lei Xue was inspired by Ming Dynasty patterns on the Chinese ceramics, to create sculptures representing smashed and empty soda cans.

Pretty blue-and-white tea service. Consider using a brown or yellow tablecloth. The white cloth diminishes the delicacy of the blue.

Regal Peacock Teaware, brings back the cranbourne Teapot and sugar box. Our first trial piece's are finished. Everyone is super pleased with the progress.

Porcellaneous stoneware wine-jar of guan form, with ovoid body and gilt copper-bound mouth rim. Finely crazed turquoise glaze. Inscription on the shoulder. Late Ming to Early Qing circa 1600-1700. Courtesy of The British Museum.

Porcellaneous stoneware wine-jar of guan form, with ovoid body. The wine-jar has a gilt copper-bound mouthrim. The wine-jar has finely crazed turquoise glaze.

xu zhen -ceramics? no - frosting? no - It's oil paint! from The Jealous Curator blog

xu zhen (The Jealous Curator)

Yixing teapot forms by Chen Mansheng

The World of Chinese Tea Culture