DIY Mini Snow Globe Ornament ~ this would be such a blast to do with kids!

DIY: mini snow globe ornament

First Christmas in Our New Home - Frosted Glass Christmas Ornament - $10 on Etsy. Personalized Free

Realtor client Christmas gift - thank you gift - first Christmas in our new home Christmas bulb ornament - personalized for free on etsy!

Make colorful glass ornaments using pieces of crayon inside. And heating it from the outside with a blow dryer.

The kids will love this one! -Cyn Put a piece of crayon in a clear glass bulb ornament. Use a blow dryer to melt the crayon and rotate the bulb to distribute the color. Multiple crayon colors gives the swirled appearance.

Christmas bulb garland diy #decoration #ornaments

11 Simple Last-Minute Holiday Centerpiece Ideas,String together some ornaments using ribbon and run them down the middle of the table like in this tutorial by ediTORIal.