Icicle #Christmas Lights turned into a Christmas Chandelier, from wikiHow.com

Make an Outdoor Chandelier with Icicle Christmas Lights

How to Make an Outdoor Chandelier with Icicle Christmas Lights. It doesn't have to be the holidays for you to display this twinkling celebration of lights in your backyard or porch. In fact, these chandeliers covered with icicle Christmas.

Hula hoop, lace, icicle christmas lights, hot glue = chandelier ~~ you could place this on a wall, too, like behind a bed... super cute. #decor #light More

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So cool! I love this idea. How smart and crafty! Hula Hoop Chandelier - hula hoop and lace from the Dollar Store - Decoration for a porch or outdoor party :D

Ceiling Christmas lights

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Ceiling Christmas lights I'm so doing this but where is the question the bedroom or the hallway so many ideas so little time

Patio lights - outdoor http://www.christmaslightsetc.com/Outdoor-Patio-Party-Lights-8587.htm#FQ%3a2~QM%3a1!PT%3a100!AQ%3a%28RlE6Mn5RTToxIVBUOjEwMH5RTToxIVBUOjE4IVBUOjE4IVBUOjE4IUY6MTN8MzIwIUY6MTd8MjcwIUY6MTM3fDMwMX5RTToxIVBUOjE4IVBUOjE4IVBUOjE4IVBUOjE4IVBUOjE4IUY6OXwyMTUhRjoxM3wxODghRjoxNHwzMjIhRjoxN3wyNzAhRjoxMzd8MzAxflFNOjEhUFQ6MTghUFQ6MTghUFQ6MTghUFQ6MTghUFQ6MTghRjo5fDIxNSFGOjEzfDE4OCFGOjE0fDMyNCFGOjE3fDI3MCFGOjEzN3wzMDF%2bUU06MSFQVDozMCFGOjE3fDI3MA%3d%3d%29:8587

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White Christmas Icicle Lights - i can do a backyard white Christmas Party & set it up like this!

Icicle Lights

Hang white icicle lights to create magical outdoor lighting. This idea works well for decks, patio lights and covered porches. Imagine these icicle lights at an outdoor wedding reception?

Here is my shortcut to make putting up, taking down and storage of icicle lights easier.

Attach to small pic pipe with plastic ties and use u-screw/bolt through pipe then hang over gutter. Remove, store over rafters. No tangling, no repeat stringing.

Rather than focusing on inflatables and decorative accessories, these homeowners wanted to emphasize the power of pure lighting. The entire roof was covered in a layer of colored lights with matching icicles dripping from the edges all the way around. The concept may be simple, but the look is extravagant and unbelievably vibrant.

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