Plus Size Art- Munrou Illustrations

Plus Size Art Spotlight: Munrou Illustrations

Drawing big girls - Album on Imgur Drawing reference

Drawing big girls

dredsina: “winterbramble: “Thanks so much for your ask! I’ve meant to do a tutorial like this for a long time. This is the way that I draw big girls, though it’s quite a short and basic tutorial.

Tutorial - Curves on Girls by Ai-Bee on DeviantArt

beautifulcurvesnohate: artist-refs:Female Tummy Reference Sheet by LordStormCaller SUPER CHUBBY

cornerofthemind:  cinnamart:  give ! me ! more ! chubby ! Hermione !  THIS IS SOMETHING I NEVER KNEW I WANTED UNTIL NOW

sirius-potteraesthetic: “ cinnamart: “ give ! ” this isn’t chubby hermione, its realistic hermione ” well she’s not slim and not obese, a good marriage between the two.

Casual Japanese girl look

Japanese Fashion Plus size fat fashion body positive fat positive chubby legs chubby fashion chubby asian plus size japan

Chubby bubba

If that were me I'd do the same thing only with mountain dew while playing my XBOX 360 eating a ranch parmesan pizza

This plus-sized calendar is giving us some major, body positive inspiration

This Calendar Promotes Body Positivity

"I didn't see any fat pin-up art out there that I liked, so I drew what I thought was hot," says illustrator Jen Oaks.

Chubby girls cuddle better! I got to find this!

There is so much truth in this. Big girls are so soft and feminine too. I know this guy loves that. Feels very secure and safe in a bigger woman's arms and being next to her curvy large soft body. Just love cuddling with my wife for this very reason.

Nsio Pose Practice 8: Sayaka Overweight by Nsio on DeviantArt

Nsio Pose Practice Sayaka Overweight by Nsio — Pose, gesture references for artists

Ok, the person who pinned this before me said "Cute chubby girl on bike... love this one". Persons before me, I would just like to say, that is not a chubby girl. That is what we call a BOMBSHELL. Thank you. Come again.

Wall Art Print- Art Reproduction Vintage Sexy Pin-up Girl Vintage Sexy Plus-size Pin-up Girl Duane Bryers Hilda Print 8 x