Cillian Murphey as Elodin: got that slightly-off, slightly playful, stare-into-your-soul thing. Also a very talented actor.

Is Nicholas Hoult Ever Gonna Happen?

Cillian Murphy Attends The 'Batman Begins' European Film Premiere At The Odeon Cinema In London'S.

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Wallpaper and background photos of baby face Cillian for fans of Cillian Murphy images.

First Look: Cillian Murphy Covers So It Goes Magazine image Cillian Murphy 002

Cillian Murphy Covers So It Goes Magazine

Cillian Murphy lends such an ethereal quality to all of his characters. That, plus mad talent make him a personal favorite.

Cillian Murphy for Clash Magazine

Cillian Murphy Covers ‘Clash’ May 2012 Cillian Murphy takes the cover of Clash's May 2012 issue. The Irish actor worked with photographer Christian Oita for the spread featured in the…