Cindy sherman, self portrait

CindySherman Beauty 1 300 Cindy Sherman , Faith Riggold and Chistopher Bailey receive Honorary Doctorates at the Royal College of Art Today

has always been one of my absolute favorite photos...from one of my all-time favorite artists.

Photos: Photos: Ingrid Sischy on Cindy Sherman’s MoMA Retrospective

I've always been obsessed with Cindy Sherman's use of makeup in her art to change and morph her character. Fascinating

Who is Cindy Sherman? Cindy Sherman is a photographer and her own model, make-up artist, hairdresser, set designer, an

'Untitled Film Still (#36)' 1979  Cindy Sherman. Gelatin silver print mounted on foam core: 37¾ x 27¾ in. (95.9 x 70.5 cm) Phillips 2015 sale $701,000.

Cindy Sherman Untitled Film Still ( 1979 Socially Critical Photography he is a key figure of the "Pictures Generation," a loose circle of American artists who came to artistic maturity and critical recognition during the early

Cindy Sherman Untitled #225 1990 The Broad Art Foundation, Santa Monica © Cindy Sherman Cf : Vierge Melun de Jean Fouquet

Cindy Sherman, Untitled # 225 (detail), chromogenic colour print 48 x 33 in. x 84 cm.

cindy sherman

cindy sherman

Photography STA Contemporary Photographer: Cindy Sherman I chose this picture because it shows a difference in how women "have to" and can be portrayed. Yet she's in the studio.

Cindy Sherman. Beklemmend. Ik wist niet dat AL haar fotografie bestond uit zelfportretten.

Cindy Sherman, 'Untitled', one of 42 works of modern art donated to the Art institute of Chicago

cindy sherman

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Rare Cindy Sherman Self Portraits From Austria’s Verbund (Photos) - The Daily Beast

Rare Cindy Sherman Self Portraits From Austria’s Verbund (Photos)

Cindy Sherman shot herself in a makeshift photo-booth in The image was then hand painted by Sherman in a Warhol-like fashion.