Colorful Circles Pattern Stationery. Download here: #design #stationery

Colorful Circles Pattern Stationery

Album Anatomy by Duane Dalton

Album Anatomy by Duane Dalton

Circle Diagram, Circle Pattern, Dots Design, Circle Design, Party Poster, Modernism, Anatomy, Layout

otl aicher. those colors and those overlaid dots.

otl aicher. cadrado, círculo, triángulo (1). square, circle, triangle (1)

(More random circle placement in rows) 'The individual in the community' by German designer Otl Aicher 830 × 405 mm.

Some of the crop circle design patterns to date

use as patch/paint details Some of the crop circle design patterns to date

Monochrome circle pattern collection

Monochrome circle pattern collection

Michael Riedel – PowerPoint

Interesting new look for infamously dull presentations...

We’ll bet the last time you sat through a Powerpoint presentation, you were thinking more about how quickly it was going to end and what was in the buffet sandwiches than the artistic merits of …

Interarea #03 Art Print                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Interarea #03 Art Print

steel poster Abstract geometry geometric abstract abstraction circle round circular shadow cut out colourfull blue red