15 Beautiful Arabic Words That'll Make You Fall In Love With The Language

15 Beautiful Arabic Words That’ll Make You Fall In Love With The Language

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) reminded that: "The most beloved of Allah’s servants to Allah are those with the best manners." (Al-Bukhari). | Having good manners when socializing isn’t just a plus factor when dealing with people in this temporary abode of this life, but even more so, it is part of pleasing God in His Grandiosity. xx

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okay, imma tell y'all a story. So i talk finnish as my native language. finnish word for lips is huulet and i somehow convinced my mind that finnish word for lips is lipset. i don't know why or how, but to still every time i try to talk about lips, i call them lipset instead of huulet. So yeah, that happend..<<< I'm not bilingual but it sounds fun to do that.

One time my grandma asked me a question in Panjabi and I answered in French. My first language is English rip