So true, I hate girls who beg men to stay with them. Like please if he leaves, he didn't really love you the way you thought he did, don't go begging him to take u back, it's not worth it. rant over.

Low self-esteem is related to many issues such poor self-image. It discourages productivity and hampers action. It is also responsible for “chronic” unhappiness. Here are some no-nonsense tips to deal with low self-esteem.

10 Tips To Deal With Low Self Esteem. Not sure about LSE as a thinking disorder but good tips!

"That moment when you realize you aren't as important to someone as you thought you were"

The moment that I became aware I was unhappy, he discovered he,was more unhappy. I also unearthed the fact that I lost him before I knew him. He always had one foot out the door to run.

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Stop breaking your own heart for someone who probably won't even be as good as you expect.

Why you're unhappy - it all begins with mindset

Why you're unhappy and how to change - it all begins with mindset

Lessons learned in life

Fits my relationships should enhance you not consume you, philosophy.

It's rough, but I promise all you darlings, it gets better. Even when you want to die, I swear it gets better. ♥ Be strong; you can do it.

That moment when you burst out crying in your room & you realize that no one knows how unhappy you are. - well I do know and I just wish you'd let me in to help.