The 41 years of St. Clare's religious life are a scenario of sanctity: an indomitable resolve to lead the simple, literal gospel life as Francis taught her; courageous resistance to the ever-present pressure to dilute the ideal; a passion for poverty and humility; an ardent life of prayer; and a generous concern for her sisters.  She served the sick, waited on table, washed the feet of the begging nuns. She came from prayer, it was said, with her face so shining it dazzled those about her.

Clare of Assisi: Patron Saint of Embroiderers; I didn't even know there was a Saint for this

St Francis and St Claire

Santa Clara de Assis, Saint Clare Of Assisi, Санта-Клара-де-Ассис, サンタクララデアシス, 圣克拉拉德阿西斯

St Clare of Assisi and the Sisters of her order. St Clare was named the patron saint of Television in 1950's

Fresco of Saint Clare and sisters of her order, church of San Damiano, Assisi

St. Clare of Assisi

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