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Stunning Wave Photos You Won't Believe Are Real

Surf photographer Clark Little, from Hawaii, shoots waves from within with his waterproof camera. Here an endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle (Honu in Hawaiian)is swimming behind a breaking wave in the shallow waters off of the North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii.

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Surfing After It Rains: Good Idea Or Not

Ocean Wave ~ Clark Little Photography Where was the photographer when this was taken?

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Rainbow-Shave-Ice by Clark Little, Hawaii. Clark Little's timing of the wave is unparalleled. His photography is amazing.

Describing his photographic vision as trying to capture waves,

Clark Little Makes Waves in Surf Photography

~~Wave by Clark Little Photography~~ Awesome! I love the ocean anyway, but this is truly striking!

~~Wave by Clark Little Photography~~ Great picture.very artistic and beautiful!

Wave by Clark Little

There are stormy waves, tropical waves, glassy waves, even peaceful waves! What kind of wave are you most like?

Clark Little's photography showcases Hawaii's best waves.

Mind-blowing surf shots

Surf photographer Clark Little gives us an inside look deep into some of the world’s most stunning but dangerous waves. Are you scared?

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Clark Little Makes Waves in Surf Photography

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