Fulfilling the Promises. text. 37-42. The Classroom Environment. (not so much the scenario's) Strategies to build positive environments. Carol Ann Tomlinson

The Science of Classroom Design #Infographic

The Science of Classroom Design Infographic helps teachers, parents and school administrators understand the power of brain-friendly learning environments.

My quest this year was to create a more organized, visually pleasing environment in our preschool classroom. My inspiration has come from...

reasding nook -- Play-Based Classroom: Reggio-Emilia: How To Bring the Most Out of Your Early Learning Environment

Brain Breaks are a way to respect the whole child in some students, especially those who need some breaks in the day in order to stay on task and focused the rest of the time. This also creates a classroom environment of creativity and collaboration because the kids can work together and think outside the box for some of the activities on the popsicle sticks.

Brain Breaks & YouTube: Watch & Wiggle Links + FREEBIE

Brain Breaks Grade Thoughts: Brain Breaks Revisited: Better Than Ever & A Giveaway! Not a bad idea for adults either.

Critical thinking tools for everybody! Check out these options to help students foster critical thinking skills in the classroom.

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

I chose this because it's a good chart that shows Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Verbs. It's a fun chart that classifies verbs related to technology by their basic function.

Inspiring a sense of belonging at Cammeray, image shared by Only About Children. Love this as a great way to explain family trees to children.

This is a great way to display family pictures! I love how it brings nature inside and connects all family trees together as one classroom family tree.

What kind of teacher do you want? 1st day activity - I could see doing this to set up classroom environment

great idea to hear what students need from me at the beginning of the year - could also make a chart for what I need from the students (leave up all year long)

Age group: 3-5 years old with words under each picture of the feeling. S.E 1.27 communicate discomfort S.E 1.29 communicate disappointment S.E 1.87 verbally express enjoyment

Self regulation anchor chart/board " Research has shown that the ability to self-regulate is essential to the development of learning skills and work habits (Baumeister & V.

Miss Giraffe's Class: 20 Classroom Management Strategies You Can Start Right Away

20 Classroom Management Strategies You Can Start Right Away! One strategy is print a label to label a bucket where lost classroom pieces can go instead of in your pocket or on your desk! Excellent ideas on keeping management in the classroom!

FREE! Are you working on creating a kind, compassionate, inclusive classroom environment? Snatch up these FREE posters to display on a bulletin board or in the hallway outside your classroom. These posters can be used at any level and also come with a printable worksheet that will facilitate meaningful discussions about each of the affirmations. Enjoy!

These affirmations for the classroom community will help you create an inclusive, respectful, kind, and collaborative environment.

Pass the Clap - A Fun Game! This is a game with many benefits in the classroom, and plenty of giggles, too!

Pass the Clap - A Fun Game!

A couple of years ago, I learned a fun circle game called "Pass the Clap". My kiddos really love it, and it's got many benefits! It's a nice break from the regular It helps the children