Super easy polymer clay flowers; not into the artwork, but the flowers are perfect for phot frames or my future napkin rings ;D

Sue - easy polymer clay flowers perfect for photo frames or napkin rings. Scroll down to see a multi-compartment Ceramic Flower Bloom jewelry holder, wall pocket for plants and other projects

Ceramic Flower Sculptures and Tiles by Angela Schwer

I wonder how all of the pieces were made and attached Ceramic Flower Sculptures and Tiles by Angela Schwer

Happy Together: Charming Clay Flowers Tutorial  -good tutorial with a few pictures  -Clay (the kind you bake to harden it)  -Something for the center (a vintage earring on the brooch and a small bead on the earrings)  -Wax paper  -Pan to bake it in  -A strong glue (E-600, industrial strength glue)  -Clay glaze (Sculpey Glaze from Micheal's)  -Desired backing (pin back, etc)

white porcelain flowers Porcelain Bloom - Who says you can't decorate with flowers in winter? These porcelain beauties are in full bloom year-round.