20 Hoodie Free Printable Sewing Patterns: Get access to 20 options to create a Hoodie top, for women, men and kids. READY TO DOWNLOAD THEM?

20 Hoodie Free Printable Sewing Patterns - On the Cutting Floor: Printable pdf sewing patterns and tutorials for women

red velvet cloak. I edited mine to have a doubled over velvet ruffled edge and organza bow

MANTELLO Most basic (and useful) Cape pattern. I usually go for a smaller hood, but with a pattern this simple, it can EASILY be altered.

To make baggy jumpers fitted, lace them up at the back.

SMOKY GREY corset laced steampunk cloak jacket hoody pixie fairy red riding hood girly pirate This is actually a really neat way to do lacing instead of eyelets

DIY Northerner's Cloak (this look like a fantastic base pattern and with some tweaking would be amazing!)

Want to make a Game of Thrones style cloak? Here's a guide.

De SUPER Balvers cape How to make an awesome cloak based on the Game of Thrones cloaks.

robe pattern... once ollie is into harry potter more, he already loves what he has seen!

coscakes: Harry Potter Robe Pattern I’ll be using this to make two Gryffindor robes for eevonys and me! (So the front/hood facing will be scarlet.) We bought some suiting material b/c it wasn’t too heavy and had a nice drape. (the red is lining material)

Lucina hooded cowl cape tutorial. It's great and I'm definitely doing this when I work on Lucina

Lucina hooded cowl cape polyester peachskin- perfect for ruler's cape, tutorial and fabric!

I love this! A FULL length hooded cloak that's a free sewing  pattern with step by step instructions! Perfect for a DIY costume idea.

Long Hooded Cloak Pattern {FREE}

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 5794 Misses Costumes, A (XS-S-M-L): Misses Capes Simplicity sewing pattern part of Simplicity Winter 2002 collection. Pattern for 3 looks. For sizes A (XS-S-M-L).

Could be nice for cloak, extend arm sizes and add a hood

Sewing a Jedi or Harry Potter Robe or Cloak

Sewing a Jedi or Harry Potter Robe or Cloak : Get Up! and DIY. or angel. so many possibilities

Red Riding Hood Cape Pattern- Free pattern download for adult, child, and large child sizes!

Red Riding Hood Cape Pattern

This Red Riding Hood cape pattern is one of Fleece Funs most popular. The circular half cape is perfect for going to grandmothers house in its warmth will keep the chill from nipping, but not necessarily wolves. This half cape can be made at differe