16 Loft Beds to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger via Brit + Co

16 Loft Beds to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

DIY Closet Beds  This is almost as cool as a murphy bed and way easier to do.

Bunks in the closet, leaves the rest of the room as a play area. This is a GREAT idea! I would take the doors off though. Maybe cute curtains instead. I used to love hanging out in my closet. And to free up the room for more play area?

15 Loft Beds for Adults …

15 Examples of the Super-Cool Loft Bed for Grownups

Behold the rise of the adult loft bed, with storage and lounging below, sleeping above.

cool A Full Closet Is Hidden Under This Bed by http://www.besthomedecorpics.us/bedroom-ideas/a-full-closet-is-hidden-under-this-bed/

A Full Closet Is Hidden Under This Bed

Italian furniture manufacturer Dielle, has created what they call a ‘Container Bed’, which is a normal bed that has been raised to include storage underneath. It’s a solution designed for small apartments that often don’t have enough storage space.

27 Cool Ideas For Your Bedroom, The bed in the closet would be cool and the window would be cool inside(like it is) of the closet. It would also make a comfy reading nook! ;)

27 Cool Ideas For Your Bedroom

27 Ways To Rethink Your Bed: Bed in a Closet. Also check out the Roll-Away Bed under a Platform; Cool way to quickly tidy up a small space, and keep pet hair off the bed! Maybe put a little reading or office space on top on the bed?

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Bed in closet w/ shelves. We are doing this in our bonus room since it is entirely too small to have a guest bed AND a working office space.

This little apartment has two cupboards in the living room, one of which opens up to reveal the world's coziest little bedroom. It's private, tucked away, and, I would imagine, very warm and snug on a Nordic winter night. During the day you wouldn't even know it's there, but, unlike a Murphy bed, it doesn't have to be folded up every morning.

This Charming Swedish Apartment Has a (Genius) Hidden Surprise

How To: Make a Captain's Bed on the Cheap

Bed in a closet idea. So the whole room is open! And it looks so cozy.clever for a spare bedroom or kids room. smart for a guest bedroom/office

My bedroom redo.  Eliminated a closet and bumped my queen size bed into that space to create more floor space in an otherwise rather small room.

-put bed in closet. -remove doors -remove shelving -put nightstand -put basket for pillows/blankets -put small light curtain at door head and tie at center -fair lights hanging from ceiling?