Make your own hybrid fitted cloth diapers. Easy DIY video tutorial and free cloth diaper pattern!

The moment that you have waited for has finally arrived: the day you bring your newborn baby home from the hospital. Like all other expectant parents you will have spent the last nine months preparing for this day.

Arfy is the QUEEN of all cloth diaper pattern blogs. I am in awe of this wonderful lady and her incredible generosity sharing her expertise!  Amazing patterns and pictorial posts describing how she assembles every style and size cloth diaper. Don't waste time anywhere else!

Simple Diaper-Sewing Tutorials: Fitted diaper pattern templates **One of the best templates with snaps!

DIY cloth diaper tutorial: similar to applecheeks. - The Healthy Honeys

DIY cloth diaper: cloth diaper pattern

TUTU MAFIA: Free cloth diaper pattern!

Free Cloth Revolution diapers with excellent instructions. This is for IF I ever have another baby and IF I decide to use cloth diapers.

good tutorial (and patterns) for cloth diapers.

Easy tutorial for homemade cloth diapers.

Pocket cloth diaper pattern and instructions @Amy Johnson

Pocket Diaper style with buttonhole elastic. Erickson and Co.: {Tutorial} How to Sew a Pocket Diaper with Free Pattern and Photos

10 Free Cloth Diaper Patterns. Save money on cloth diapers for your baby by making them yourself with one of these free cloth diaper patterns and tutorials.

Alcohol Inks on Yupo

How to Sew your Own Cloth Diapers + Free Pattern

GOOD cloth diaper pattern: PUL/Flannel Dream Crafter: How to Sew your Own Cloth Diapers + Free Pattern

Small, Med, Lg & XL sized diaper patterns

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Wet Bag Pattern

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