Wickedly cool clown makeup effect / Paired with all-white FX contact lenses ~ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/350717889712006179/

“Look requires heavy contouring I used in "Toast" new tutorial on my FAVORITE FAVORITE clown makeup Halloween look Details- Face-…”

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/godspell/ peeps: I'm doing the eye clown makeup thing on one eye it's gonna be rad // Halloween Inspiration 2016

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Más - I usually hate clowns, but this makeup is actually really good. Shows the kind of happy emotions we're expected to show the world, yet how down we may really feel inside.

Scary Clown by Becky Flateau

10 Creepy Clown Halloween Makeup Ideas That Will Make Your Bravest Friends Clownphobic Honestly just pinning this for the facial muscle details.