cold war timeline infographic

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The Cold War was a state of political and military tension after World War II between powers in the Eastern Bloc and powers in the Western Bloc. The war lasted from

La Guerra Fría entre Ciudades Tecnológicas – Skolkovo

the cold war was fought during the whole it started in 1947 and ended in

Key facts, history, people and culture of USSR or the Soviet Union, uprisings in Eastern Europe and the dissolution of Union.

USSR info graphic, with one glaring error; they have a photo of Regan and Gorby labeled as Nixon meets with Gorbachev. Pin for government.

The Cold War & Red Scare seen as a red iceberg to take out Uncle Sam's ship...

Examples of american cold-war propaganda

Простейший Спутник-1 (Satellite-1 primaire) ou Spoutnik-1 était la sphère argent poli taille de basket-ball qui a été le premier satellite

Cold War paranoia and a huge technological leap. This poster is meant to look like a vintage poster for the Soviet Union's Sputnik space satellite. Poor Sputnik was "accidentally" blown up by America.

The red menace is soviet union spies. if you saw anybody that was possibly a spy you had to report it.

This image represents the make up of a large part of the communist fear in America. Many people began suspecting others of being communists for the smallest reasons and to the American people, communism was a red menace.

America under communism, posters de la guerra fría. Catechetical Guild Educational Society of St. Paul, Minnesota,1947

Examples of american cold-war propaganda

Anti-communist propaganda in a 1947 comic book published by the Catechetical Guild Educational Society warning of "the dangers of a Communist takeover".

Cold War Ads How Communism Works

The Red Menace: 15 Vintage Anti-Communist Ads & Propaganda