When highlighting passages in your textbooks, print-outs and study notes, it does help to have a consistent colour system. You obviously have to make it relevant to your field of study.

day 4 of the challenge : colour coding palettes. first row : stabilo fineliners second row : zebra mildliners third row : muji gel pens by delthenerd

Color Coding Notes 101 by aca-demia aca-demia: “ Tip Use a limited amount of color When I take notes I only use three colors. Two similar colors and one that is complimentary.

strive-for-da-best: “ This is my color code for next semester’s courses. ” Note taking and highlighting tips

Teaching Students to Close Read When You Can't Mark the Text

Interested in trying close reading with your class but not sure how to implement it without marking the text? Check out these strategies for annotating text

I color code my notes based upon the subject that I’m working on. I compiled one, uniform key as to which colors I have assigned to certain topics. I generally utilize a combination of highlighters,.

study-samurai: Study tip: when key coding your. study-samurai: “ Study tip: when key coding your highlighters, label them so you wont forget what each colour represents while note taking.