Bewegingslijnen: deze lijnen geven zowel de snelheid als de richting aan van een vliegende Superman.

"The Most Dangerous Man On Earth!" - art by Neal Adams and Murphy Anderson ”

x men comic 2 covers | Men Vol 2 1 - Marvel Comics Database<---There were four covers. I have two of them

X-Men Vol 2 1

X-Men Cover 2 Published: October 1991 Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 2007 Writer: Chris Claremont, Jim Lee Penciller: Jim Lee Cover Artist: Jim Lee American Contemporary

"Spider-Man 3" - er, 300 shows the alien symbiote suit possessing Brock. The joint entity is now Venom, and is full of venomous hate for Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Todd McFarlane's dramatic introduction (if not debut) as artist. Smith-Corona is my weapon of choice: David Michelinie.

Amazing Spiderman 300 Venom Cents Issue not a newstand variant NM Beautiful front and back Glossy covers White Pages

1966 Alley Award - Best Full-Length Story - "How Green was My Goblin", by Stan Lee & John Romita, Sr., The Amazing Spider-Man #39  (Marvel Comics)

I would agree that this is one of the top 5 most Iconic Green Goblin Marvel comic book covers.

Best Comic Book Covers for 2-19-16 - Comic Vine

“Dragon Age: Magekiller” by Sachin Teng* # illustration digital painting smoke effect fx character design male warrior sword white

This is probably one of my favorite batman covers, although there are many to choose from. Breyfogle is a beast.

Detective Comics Vol 1 590

Detective Comics (September Cover by Norm Breyfogle Batman is in London trying to stop a terrorist attack.

The Avengers #4.  With the Hulk already gone, Captain America is found & revived to join The Avengers.  Also of note, Bucky's "death" & Cap's suspended animation are recalled in this issue's flashback (having never actually taken place in any issue prior.)

Avengers vol 1 (start date issue 4 (published Art by Jack Kirby The original Avengers discover Captain America alive, twenty years after being frozen in ice! This issue introduces Steve’s now core theme of being a Man Out Of Time, and.

Captain America Annual 8. Wolverine vs. Captain America. One of the most iconic Marvel comics covers of all time.

Captain America Annual # 8 by Mike Zeck & John Beatty.A classic image that has been payed homage and ripped off many, many times.

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Elektra takes on an enraged Assassin's Guild! After battles with Cape Crow, Bloody Lips, Lady Bullseye and Scalphunter, Elektra vows to take the fight back to the Guild itself. Now it's Elektra vs.

1967 Alley Award: Adventure Book with the Main Character in the Title - The Amazing Spider-Man  (Marvel Comics)

50 Greatest Spider-Man Covers of All-Time Master List - Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book ResourcesComics Should Be Good!