There should be no friendship with someone you once used to be in love with. Maintaining that friendship and entering a relationship with another person is a no no. Your ex has no fucking place in your life especially if you're dating someone else. It's very black and white. Have respect for your current relationship. There's a reason your ex is an ex. They have no place in your future. I personally don't believe or like when someone says they're still friends with their ex. No that is not…

Sad but true. Love has a beginner but no end it just grows it starts in a moment and just never stops.

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SAMANTHA If you only knew what id do just to hear you voice just to see your beautiful face and id give my life to hold you in silence just for 5 min ill always love you SAMALA now and forever, my heart only beats for you. Im forever sorry for the cruel things ive said and done love ☆L.P.☆

I wish he wasn't so darn HOTT I've been trying to get over him for a couple weeks but every time I see him at school I melt I just wish he would talk to me

It's so accurate. Except it's both, at the same time, and it's both horrible and wonderful.

You may have believed that you're in love at times in your life, but how do you know when it's true love? Research on love and relationships shows .

It still haunts me

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