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If my concept was more modern-based, this would be quite good, however, my concept doesn't suit this type of staging.

concert stage design

25 Creative and Beautiful Stage Design examples from around the world

I LOVE this kind of lighting. We could rent a bunch of Kinoflo lights (the strips that people use like this) or improvise with other bits and bobs. The main thing is that they are narrow, restricted lights pointed back into the lens.

the 1975 Shillouette matty healy the 1975 logo the 1975 live the 1975 matty healy the 1975 b&w the 1975 black and white mateo-k

The Hobbit. Redgrave Theatre, Farnham. Scenic design by Colin Winslow.

It uses the exact same main set piece and looks different every time. Lighting and the backdrop work perfectly to set each individual scene.

abin design studio creates pavilion of canopies for festival in india - created via

abin design studio creates pavilion of canopies for festival in india - created…

2/52 | Listen... Week 2 This took about six hours to set up.… | Flickr

I want to create the settings with furniture and had this idea about actors holding items like a lampshade and have a blub in their mouth to "be" the lamp - this image struck me because it helped show the sleekness this could be

@tobiasrylander - articulating the 1975's mind, as Matty says.

I really dislike this band but they consistently have the same type of lighting at their shows and i think it's kind of a cool way to represent who they are and what they're about. The lighting feels uplifting.

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