Saw them Tuesday they were fucking amazing, they sound exactly like they do on recording

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This picture is a very dark, it's a festival, there is plenty of persons and they seem to have fun. The photo has been taken during the night so the photographer has surely use a high ISO. The picture have captured my attention because its really dark and there is red big flag on the corner. It could be a location photographer because a festival is a place were lots of persons goes to have fun.

concerts are my favorite thing ever! I don't even care who's playing just stick me in a crowd of people singing along with the band and I'm a happy girl:)

The people and band music makes the event very awesome. Everyone doing the same thing helps influence others to sing and dance together. The Band helps to create emotion to the audience. The whole experience is just awesome.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2013 This board is for all Lovers who dig cool stuff that other fans could appreciate.

Laser lights music are so in and should be considered at a festival during night time for a possible theme

Could a lighting company create this look? Laser lights music party lights show crowd concert triangles event

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Wanna donate to my concert ticket fund? Going to this concert is imperative to my health


Get ready for one of the years best outdoor music festivals. Why wait for music festivals in July, August or even winter when you can get your Spring rock on.

This was basically my 5SOS concert when the songs off 5 Seconds Of Summer were played


yes. or when it happens at church and the congregation takes over just singing and praising.<<<< Erm no it's talking about concerts like Panic! At the disco or Fall out boy or Twenty one pilots