Stuffed-Zucchini | CostMad do not sell this idea/product. Please visit our blog for more funky ideas
might be cool to take for a work breakfast? even though I don't do meat...others do.
Pancetta & Asparagus quiche..i might substitute the asparagus for another veggie.
Food Grade Plastic Containers For Brining (What's safe, what's not)
I did this tonight but with ground turkey and they came out fabulous! You just want to make sure the internal temp. is 160 degrees!
Great ideas for cooking turkey tenderloins.
Cheese Bacon Strata Cake (Savoury Bread Pudding / Bread Bake) - made with just bread, eggs, milk, cheese and bacon. Great make ahead for feeding a crowd!
Temp, time and technique!
Tandoori Roast Chicken  Serve this Indian spiced bird with rice, potatoes and vegetables for an alternative roast dinner
Escali’s guide to doneness and minimum safe internal cooking temperature for whole beef, ground beef, chicken, turkey, pork, fish, lamb and veal.
Slow Cook a Turkey also known as Whoppi Goldbergs Turkey family recipe. The key to safely slow cooking a turkey is to cook it at a high temp for the first bit. Also make sure you have properly defrosted it in the fridge. My number one tip is to put your seasonings under the skin! Butter, salt,garlic & pepper. #whoppi #whoppigoldbergturkey
Garlic Roasted Chicken Leg Quarters...mmmm, it's what's for dinner! I'm covering it, lowering temp to 350, for 45 min, removing foil and cooking and additional 30 min! Fingers crossed;)
Today is National Chicken Wing day!  I love wings!!  But I hate deep frying because my whole house smells for a week. I found a recipe for oven fried wings on the Internet.  I was a doubting Thomas but boy o’boy they were awesome!!!  Crispy on the outside tender on the inside. The secret weapon...Ba...
Need some help with your Turkey? Check out this Poultry Roasting Chart | The Hopeless Housewife®
Apple Brine for Turkey the Night Before Cooking