Go go 96neko!!!He's cool just like Valshe!!!(people say he's a girl...T.T i don't get how u guys see that xd)

Go go She's a great utaite! For those who don't know is a girl she's a trap singer. Which means she can make her voice sound like a boy. She's also known for her husky voice and she's known for changing her voice from low to high and cute to cool

Sawada Tsunayoshi: I will not let the darkness engulf me

Sawada Tsunayoshi: I will not let the darkness engulf me (Cool Pictures)

New Cool Anime Guys | var/albums/Cool%20Anime%20guys%20tablet%20wallpapers%201024x1024/Cool ...

Shinomiya Natsuki - Uta no☆prince-sama♪ - Image - Zerochan Anime Image Board

o desenho de um menino que mesmo com suas diferenças ele penssa nos outros e ignorado pela sua mae ele segue sua vida em diante e corre atras de ser feliz e de seus sonhos suplementares.

50 Examples of Anime Digital Art

Fisheye placebo character amazing online story one deviantart written and drawn by Wenqing Yan, truly an amazing artist and story teller-Arnessa boy illustration

anime-boy-cool-hoodie-manga-Favim.com-410734_large.jpg (500×667) this looks like Spain

Gosh why do anime guys have to be cute and hot at the same time!

* Touken Ranbu ..... ♡

You aren't really a shy person but get nervous in uncomfortable situations, you meet a friend at your new school and some interesting boys to.

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Sexy anime boy who has pale skin, midnight black hair, a gold yellow left eye, a water blue right eye, and is blushing.