Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner

Zero Breeze is a battery-powered portable air conditioner complete with helpful travel features. Besides its primary function of cooling the air in a small area, the Zero Breeze also features two U…

The Treo Chair is a comfortable camping chair that folds into the size of a small thermos is a must for backpacking trips, or even car camping. From Cool Things.

25 Game-Chjanging Camping Products that You Didn't Know You Needed

The Treo Chair by Therm-a-Rest is a portable chair that delivers big-chair comfort in a exceptionally small package. The innovative and compact camp chair packs entirely into its own tripod base, making it easy to store and carry, easily fitting in a

13 Cool Camping Gadgets - Thrifty Outdoors ManThrifty Outdoors Man | Outdoors Blog

13 Cool Camping Gadgets

13 Cool Camping Gadgets - Thrifty Outdoors ManThrifty Outdoors Man | Outdoors Blog

Solar-Powered Backpack Even Steve Jobs Would Wear : TreeHugger

Solar-Powered Backpack Even Steve Jobs Would Wear

solar panel bag band for ipad by seo eul hwa Apple Inspired Concept Design

The COOLEST little thing ever... "only" $9400ish as of 7/26/14, but I want... hehe... The Go Camper Trailer from Sylvansport:

The Go Camper Trailer from Sylvansport. COOLEST CAMPER/TENT out there! For people who love camping but need it to be extremely quick, easy, and want Eco-friendly, this is the supreme solution!

Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner

13 Cool Camping Gadgets

Zero Breeze - Battery-Powered Portable Air Conditioner That Includes Helpful Travel Features

Awesome sphere tent… #gadgets for men, cool tech gadgets, tech gadgets gifts (Tech Gadgets For Men)

Funny pictures about Awesome sphere tent. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome sphere tent. Also, Awesome sphere tent.

Winter bed times just got amazing with these indoor bed tents! Release the big kid in you and get one now for your bedroom! They're perfect for conserving heat and will keep you nice and warm through the night.

iKamperusa Inc. is raising funds for Room in Room: Warmer Winter, Lower Gas Bill and Much More on Kickstarter! Cozy, all-in-one bed tent that makes your winter warmer without overpriced gas bill- integrated lap top stand and phone theater inside.

Car Back Seat Organizer (Cool Crafts Products)

The Amazing Multi-purpose Car Back Seat Organizer Multi-purpose use as an all-in-one Seat Back Organizer, Kick Mat and Seat Protector!

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What Every overland trip needs one for those long trail rides. For my taste the cokes are just adding weight.

Cool Camping Gadgets

Find Out The Cool Camping Gadgets to Take With You on Your Camping Trip. We have covered 17 cool gadgets to take camping

10 Geeky Camping Gadgets

10 Geeky Camping Gadgets

Power your laptop and tablet with Goal Zero's Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit. Charge lithium battery from wall, car, or sun. Includes a 110 Volt bolt-on inverter.