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Weird (but kinda cool) French Words and Expressions Part 1

Learn how to use an important tense with this lesson on French Past Tense. Ideal for beginner & intermediate level.

French Past Tense: Everything You Need to Know

Each language has its own rules, and this article recognize common mistakes of English speaking people when they speak in French.

Cool French words that don't exist in English

Wonderfully evocative and descriptive French words that simply don't have an English equivalent.

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French mood - Instant Download - Paper Pack - Set of 10 Digital Scrapbook Paper - 12 x 12 inches

Get fun and easy French lessons from Talk in French, your go-to website for learning French language and culture.

An artistic way I used to have my students practice color vocabulary in French or Spanish. http://lizslessons.blogspot.com/

An artistic way to have students practice color vocabulary in French, Spanish, Hebrew.

Cool French words that the English language is seriously lacking || Elena's

Cool French words that the English language is seriously lacking

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J'ai séché mes larmes avec un peu d'alcool.

Phonics #1 This is such a great idea for teaching and practicing phonics!  You simply take McDonalds fry containers and paint popsicle sticks yellow to represent fries.  Then you simply have the students put the fries into the correct container.  It is a lot of fun for students and they look really cool in your classroom.

First Grade School Box: Phonics. Long i word sort with McD's french fry containers

I wanna learn German!<<Ich lerne seit vier jahren und Ich liebe es

I wanna learn German!< a lot of these are the same in Dutch, like we have a "cool closet" too :')

Weird (But Kinda Cool) French Words and Expressions Part 1

Weird (but kinda cool) French Words and Expressions Part 1

The French language has some crazy & weird words in their vocabulary.

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