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Scoot Your Boots to These 6 Country Playlists

Great fall and winter wardrobe for homesteaders, farm girls or country girls!

19-Piece Fall / Winter Homestead Wardrobe

Dolly Parton, First Lady of country music, on her goddaughter, Miley Cyrus

Dolly Parton, First Lady of country music, on her goddaughter, Miley Cyrus

19 of Dolly Parton's Most Fanciful Sleeves: These plaid sleeves are a nod to Dolly's humble country roots. WE LOVE DOLLY!

Women are powerful & possess many strong traits. Are you independent? Spiritual? Sensual?

What 5 Personality Traits Of A Strong Woman Do You Possess?

GUN CONTROL Does she look like a pushover? If we take guns away from those with smaller muscles those with smaller morals and brains, the ruthless morons, will create a Luciferian world.

Winter Fairy Garden Teacups | Crafts for Home | Winter Crafts — Country Woman Magazine

Winter Fairy Garden Teacups - oh I think I can find some miniature things to use to make these!

Songs for Strong Country Women (i hope i find some great dance tunes here)

Your Country Girl Power Playlist

Grace in LA Women's Medium Wash with Camo Pockets Button Down Pocket Shorts | Cavender's

Flying Tomato Women's Navy Embroidered Long Bell Sleeve Fashion Shirt

Country Woman At Heart- - The hens are allowed to roam free.

In front of the porch, serene sitting space, gorgeous tree, hens and rooster. A simple life. Habacuc - My Garden Muse

Published in the early 1970s costing only 60¢ a copy, this hand illustrated and typed journal carried this mission: "We see Country♀Women as a feminist country survival manual and a creative journal. It is for women living with women, with men, and alone, for women who live in the country alrea


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