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7 Tips 📝 to Help You Talk 🗯 to Your Crush 😍 ...

This would so much fun to do with my #FutureBF #PlzFollowMe

I hate heights, but love the view. And I also love Ferris wheels. But I think I'd feel just a bit safer with you by my side

Living In A Hook Up Culture

Living In A Hook Up Culture

What happened to us????

31 Cheap and Fun Date Ideas for Couples

We will watch many sunsets baby! I love summer sunsets they are so romantic. I love summer sunsets!

asthesunrisesoverthemountains:  all-things-bright-and-beyootiful:  Melissa Green Photography  This is wonderfully beautiful

asthesunrisesoverthemountains:bright-and-beyootiful: Melissa Green Photography This is wonderfully beautiful. Engagement pics with trucks.