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wish i had a boyfriend that does this. ;-) Thanks dude.

fierrrrrrce: CLICK HERE IF YOU... (

therelatableimages: follow for sexual texts

Even though, this is supposed to be a Boyfriend text, this is what my guy Best Friend would text me!

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Alcohol Inks on Yupo

Fuck relationships this is us

Fuck relationships this is us

Are you on Instagram? Twitter? Pinterest? Facebook, even? Great. If so, you will doubtless be familiar with a concept known as relationship goals, the phenomenon in which two people decide to couple up, take photos together, and exploit their own relationship for the purpose of garnering likes.

15 Signs You And Bae Are An Annoying Relationship Goals Couple

Funny Text About  About A Boy vs Girl

Must show this to my friend when he complains about his brothers girlfriend "cutting into his gaming time" <<<COD has no pause button. So for a guy to take a chance of their guy dying just to text a girl and call her pretty; that's a keeper!

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This is literally what our thread looks like. Me: I hate everything him: do you really hate everything or are you just hungry?