I just wanna cuddle and play video games :3

Um, more like when boys play video games with you and you kick their butt fair and square!

It is hard to tell whether or not a boy will ever condone a girl playing video games in their presence. One minute, they’re all “I just want a girl who is a gamer, like me, a boy who plays video games,” then they’re like “No, not those video games,” and then they’re sending death … Read More

11 Times #RelationshipGoals Couples Played Video Games And It Made No Sense

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finding the best cuddle position playing video games with your bad ass lover, seriosuly relationships like this ^ aww its raining today? lets play assassin's creed

I HAVE a gamer boyfriend and doing just this, is literally the best. But only when we game together lol

*sighs* I rally want I boyfriend who likes me for me and not my looks. Right now I don't even have a boyfriend but I really want a gamer boyfriend like me. (Yes I am a girl who games.

Based on my experience, this is totally accurate as to what guys find romantic :)

14 Little Gestures He Wishes You'd Make to Show Him You Love Him

This picture signifies playing video games. One of my biggest plays of my whole life is playing video games. A great stress reliever and a great way to just sit back and relax and unwind.

anime couple playing video games :D

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