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Faye Valentine

Faye Valentine (born August is a wanted bounty head and a member of the bounty hunting crew aboard the Bebop.

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Cowboy Bebop - This anime is a space western anime so if you like cowboys and sci-fi and Wendy lee then you ought to watch this!

Characters:  Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop

) is the protagonist of the anime and manga series Cowboy Bebop. He won first place in the male character category of the Anime Grand Prix in and

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Cowboy Bebop

If you love classic anime, then Cowboy Bebop is the ultimate. Great characters, fast paced stories and great jazz/blues soundtrack that sets the theme perfectly for this fabulous anime.

The Bebop (aka Shoto and Daito's ship, the Kurosawa)

The Bebop

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Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV is also known as Radical Edward and Ed. Her birth name is Françoise Appledehli (born January She is a hacker prodigy from Earth. She is a comically eccentric teenage girl around 13 years in age.

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This page summarizes every session (episode) of the Cowboy Bebop series.

Cowboy Bebop

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Red Dragon crime syndicate

The Red Dragon Crime Syndicate is a structured crime organization.