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“Respect Nadine Lustre Hi John Valle, shame on you for being famous because of your insecurity.

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Crab mentality, sometimes referred to as crabs in the bucket, is a phrase that describes a way of thinking best described by the phrase "if I can't have it, neither can you." The metaphor refers to a pot of crabs. Individually, the crabs could easily escape from the pot, but instead they grab at each other in a useless "king of the hill" competition which prevents any from escaping and ensures their collective demise.

TIL of the "Bucket of Crabs" mentality. It is best expressed as "if I can't have it neither can you." This is because any crab could get out of the bucket but they prevent each other from escaping instead of focusing on it.

10 Signs Of Crab Mentality And How To Prevent Them | Skydive To Success

I am a Filipino and I believe that we are known for our positive traits such as being hospitable and cheerful individuals. Indeed, there are a lot of positive traits that we Filipinos Read More .

Think and grow rich: Crab Mentality

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Crab Mentality Among Filipinos: Excruciating Reality!

Crab Mentality Among Filipinos: Excruciating Reality! It is a reflection of the famous saying “we all like to see our friends get ahead, but not too far ahead”.

Crab mentality.

Crab Mentality: The Startup Killer (And the cure)

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EMPOWERING & CREATIVE - How about lets do this , instead of tearing one another down. Let's root for each other. Be happy for our individual growth in life. Stop being bitter

Crab mentality - Wikipedia don't be a crab!!!!

Crab mentality - Wikipedia don't be a crab!!!!