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Cheat idea - use hulanhoop wrapped in lights,pvc , or pool noodle wrapped in lights and drape fabric on either side and attach fabric to circle to give illusion of rounded entry

Welcome to the Circus... I use rich circus imagery for That time in My life *She shivers*

Welcome to the Circus. I use rich circus imagery for That time in My life *She shivers*

Knife thrower's board but instead water balloons, though I'm afraid they would try to hit assistant rather than not.

rfmmsd: “Artist: Sergio Martínez “Knife Thrower I” Oil on Linen 146 cm x 116 cm 2013 ”

Scary Bo Bo The Clown Costume. Perfect for creepy carnival or creepy circus themed Halloween parties, creepy clown, creepy circus and creepy carnival fancy dress, creepy circus themed Halloween party decorations, creepy clown themed Halloween party decorations and creepy carnival themed Halloween party decorations. More

Be the scary clown in Smiffys Cirque Sinister Scary Bo Bo the Clown Costume. The costume comes with Black and Orange Jumpsuit.

Prepare to enter at your own risk. "The Tunnel of Love" or "Get Ready to be Eaten".

Vintage Traveling Carnival Circus Fun house my ass! This looks like a creep house