Poor slendy xD ^^^ DON'T WORRY SLENDER!!! YOU HAVE AMAZING EYES!!! (And None.)

Slen... please don't cry. Oh wait... you can't

jeff the killer                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Slightly? Aw man, I don't fit the requirements. Now if it were completely insane. Just mostly insane

A conversation. by scaredy--cat on DeviantArt

Me: High jacking is the best one XD EJ: no it's called disappointing your mother Me: *dies*

Ask Ticci Toby 5 by nandaBeilschmidt

Ask Ticci Toby 5 by nandaBeilschmidt<<<<This is an accurate representation of me and my friends

Song i`m coming home creepypasta version

I'm crying :'( They just made another creepypasta thing out of a song. I think I'm in love with these<<<< Ok, I get that this supposed to be sad, but Jeff looks freaking adorable and don't you try to tell me different.

another creepy pasta card 4th candy pop by gatanii69 on DeviantArt

he is jester of the kingdom. hey sorry i slow drawing it. next maybe lost silver(๑◔‿◔๑) creepy pasta candy pop (c) another creepy pasta card candy pop