I overhauled Rodney's tank a while ago. Enclosure is an old aquarium, placed on its end. Background is industrial styrofoam cut and shaped, silicone caulk

DIY this Zoo Med Skyscraper Terrarium by creating a zig zag pattern with cork rounds. Feed waterfall tubing through the rounds. Place extra Cork Rounds/ Cork Flats in a pattern to your liking, fill with dirt, and use as a planter.

My friend has the cutest crested gecko ever! Meet Penelope.

Margaret Sharapan of The Harlequin Hoard produced this absolutely stunning red and cream crested gecko.

Is the Crested Gecko the Perfect Reptile for You?

This is Great info on the crested geckos recent discovery however I would not recommend getting any sort of information on reptiles from Petco or Petsmart they do not care about reptile care.