Working out isn't the most joyous thing in life but you can make it be! Try out this "Spell your name work out" to make working out a little more fun.

I will do this, I will succeed! I will take control of my life and my body! S- 30 Burpees. A- 50 Jumping Jacks. B- 20 Crunches. R- 15 Push Ups. I- 30 Jumping Jacks. N- 40 Jumping Jacks. A- 50 Jumping Jacks.

CrossFit Dice Wondering what WOD to do? Literally roll these dice, and you've got a ready-made routine you can do at home or on the road. With more than 2 million combinations possible, it’s impossible to get bored. Roll all six 12-sided dice, or use just the rep die and one movement die, and keep rolling to see what to do next. The accompanying booklet provides modifications and substitutions in case you don’t have some equipment. 1342 245 6 LiveHealth Online Fitness Gifts for the Holidays…

Pinterest Round Up: 10 Convenient, Butt Kicking Skinny Workouts

I think it's too much cardio, but I guess that's why it's called Killer Kardio. I would cut down the run time. 30 minutes of cardio is enough for me.

Crossfit - South Cobb

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At home crossfit workout-Finally a routine I can do!! {Don't lose weight fast, Lose weight NOW!| Amazing diet tips to lose weight fast| dieting has never been easier| lose weight healthy and fast, check it out!| amazing diet tips, lost 20lbs in under a month| awesome! This really works, I lose 40lbs already!| by fay

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No Matter What Your Mood, We Have a Treadmill Workout For You

300 rep ab workout for those students who want to show off their 6 pack during the summer

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Favorite Pinterest Workouts - It Starts With Coffee - A Lifestyle + Beauty Blog by Neely Moldovan

Tabata super-set workouts. (What is Tabata? Tabata interval training is an intense alternative to long cardiovascular sessions. Developed by Dr. Izumi Tabata and used to train the Japanese Olympic speed skating team. Get done in 4 minutes what would normally take you 28+ minutes. The key? Work AS HARD AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN in those 4 minutes!)

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Cardio and Strength Workout: Super Sweaty Tabata Supersets. I LOVE tabata! Recommend this to anyone trying to get fit!

Lauren Conrad's Tone It Up: The Best Ab Workout Routine #createyoursummer been doing these too

Tone It Up: The Best Ab Workout Routine

20 Effective Crossfit Workouts To Tone Your Body

20 Effective Crossfit Workouts To Tone Your Body

Health And Fitness: 20 Effective Crossfit Workouts To Tone Your Body Men's Super Hero Shirts, Women's Super Hero Shirts, Leggings, Gadgets

Crossfit for beginners workout routine... My ultimate fitness goal is to be able to compete in a Cross fit competition one day.. maybe in two years I can get there

CrossFit Workouts for Beginners

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12 Best Dumbbell Exercises For Strong, Chiseled Arms

#How to #get #rid of thunder thighs and flabby arms. -- Do you want to lose 10 pounds in 10 days the healthy way? Click here -> right now

How to Work Out to Get Rid of Thunder Thighs & Flabby Arms

Fitness Tips In basic, you can burn more calories doing cardiovascular exercises, such as rowing, compared to resistance workouts, such as weightlifting.

CrossFit Workouts by Invictus that you can do at the gym, in a hotel or at home!  [Featuring CrossFit Games Athlete: Maddy Myers]

CrossFit Workouts by Invictus that you can do at the gym, in a hotel or at home! [Featuring CrossFit Games Athlete: Maddy Myers] crossfit workouts at home