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& people believe that ravens guide travelers to their destinations. Others believe that the sight of a solitary raven is considered good luck. While a group of ravens predicts trouble ahead. And a raven right before battle promises victory.

Raven reading

Halloween Raven Crow reading a Book - Victorian Steampunk art print Mehr

Yamaguchi tattoos. So cool!

mypabulousscarf: “finally finished those Crow Crew tattoos ˂⁽ˈ₍ ⁾˲₎₌ oh and ~~ ”

Raven and skull

Ink, Charcoal, Pro white on vellum bristol with a touch of photoshop. Inkwash Skull and Bird

Crow by Adam Flynn

Crow by Adam Flynn (Nur Schwarz gefällt mir nicht, aber die Pose ist gut.

Geometric Beasts | Crow

best-seen-in-snow: “pseudo-gloriousbastard: “tessaviolet: “ wolverxne: “ a-night-in-wonderland: “ Geometric Beast Collection By Kerby Rosanes ” Woah ” Autumn.

Philip milic,old crow tattoos -- thaaat's a big tattoo but I likes it. I don't have the body for that.

This is obviously a massive tattoo but a lot different to an ordinary dream catcher. Philip Milic - Dream Catcher leg, sacrum and rib, Body Tattoo.