The branches of the Acacia tree in Israel look like this. Also, the Ark of the Covenant was built out of Acacia wood that was in the Holy of Holies, and was required to be sprinkled with the blood of the sacrificed lamb.

Crown of Thorns is a beautiful piece of art with a daily spiritual reminder.

In Old Testament times, horns were a sign of power or authority, & sheep represented humanity. Genesis 22:13: As Abraham looked about, he spied a ram caught by its horns in the thicket. The "ram" thus serves as a foreshadowing of Jesus Christ, leader over every nation, the only suitable replacement sacrifice to God in place of all humanity, for their disobedience in the Garden of Eden. The "ram" is caught by the "horns" (head) "in a thicket" (branches), thus foreshadowing the crown of…

Crown of Thorns, 13 or 24 inch size

Hand drawn thorns. Very life-like. The quality of the shading makes them appear 3D so every thorn looks harmful and intimidating. You can feel the pain through this drawing as thorns are related to Jesus' crown of thorns, and it conjures up images of torture and blood shed. I can imagine thorns building up around someone in my animation, trapping them within themselves, their own demon. Acting as a barrier between them and the outside world. Much as an addict would feel inside their head.

G: Thorn bush

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The palm branch, the crown of thorns, the cross, & the empty grave.  #flashbynoel #illustration

The palm branch, the crown of thorns, the cross, & the empty grave. not religious but i like the minimalist style

Crown of Thorns Bracelet representing what Jesus did to save us, by FaithandTimreys on Etsy

Crown of Thorns Bracelet, Bronze Bracelet, Faith Bracelet, Christian Bracelet…

Take a minute to actually comprehend. I've had this knowledge for almost my entire life but I'm only just beginning to realise & really understand.| the worship project

god is faithful (love always, hailey.)

71k Likes, 400 Comments - @sahar.luna on Instagram: “❤️”

71k Likes, 400 Comments - @sahar.luna on Instagram: “❤️”

The other day when I didn't look like shit on a plate and feel poorly

I'm naturally ginger, yet I still pin pictures of ginger hair? proud red head!

Vinyl Cross with Crown of Thorns by BigDDesign on Etsy, $4.00

Vinyl Cross with Crown of Thorns

Rose Nike Huarache customs by JKLcustoms

Egsmi Shoes on

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Pinterest// rocheleeee

Do this with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan in White.

White floorboards: Do this with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan in White.

"With His wounds we are Healed." Isaiah 53:5

With His wounds we are healed Isaiah She Reads Truth. Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross, Lent: Weekly Truth.

Loove black walls!!

Loove black walls!!