Made by me in New York at @Burakkumanba No:4 "Crucifix", belongs to @Em Frankcom Sinclair #jesus #tattoo #crucifix - @Niki Kinney Norberg- #webstagram

Starting the tattoos of with a bang, or Bang Bang since that's where this crucifix was tattooed. Remarkable shading complete with INRI above Christ's head, meaning "King of the Jews" in Hebrew. The detail is crazy seriously, zoom in on this thing.

Crucifix tattoo design by jinx2304 on DeviantArt

Final tattoo design that was rendered by my tatto artist Crucifix tattoo design

Forget flashy bling, these tattoos are the only accessories your hands need

Trade Your Rings for These Adorable Finger Tattoos

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like this but with an RB

Tattoo Artist - Demon Tattoo |

Perfect black and grey realistic religious cross in hand, tattoo art by artist Demon Tattoo

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with Ruby gem in the center instead, with Proverbs written underneath